About the village

Incredible location – in the heart of the Rhodopes, surrounded by centuries, at the same time 7 km. from  Pamporovo and 6 km. from the town of Smolyan city.

The village of Levochevo is one of the oldest villages in the district and has a rich history.

29 houses from the village have been declared architectural monuments of local significance.

Church “Peter and Paul ”is one of the architectural monuments in the village and one of the oldest churches in the Rhodopes. Recently renovated and with a completely new dome. It was built in 1836 in less than 40 days. According to locals, the bells, which weigh 200 and 500 kg, ring the most melodic of all in the area.

A walk around the village will take you to a forest world full of diverse vegetation and will reveal wonderful panoramic views.

Every year around July 20, on the closest Saturday and Sunday to this date, the Ilinden Fair is held in the village. A tradition that gathers hundreds of people. The holiday lasts three days and is accompanied by many Rhodope songs, people and fun.


Near the village there are various natural landmarks that you can visit. For all mountaineers and people who want to admire the beautiful mountains and feel the breath of the Balkans, we suggest you visit:

* Eco-trail “Nevyastata” – 11 km. The trail is very nice, easy, secured with wooden railings. There are places for rest in many places. The eco-trail reveals panoramic views that are difficult to describe in words.

* Eco-trail “Canyon of the waterfalls” – 19 km. The eco-trail is 5-6 km long. and covers 46 waterfalls. It is most beautiful in the spring, when the waterfalls are at their highest. Along the whole path there are wooden bridges, places for recreation where you can eat.

* Smolyan Lakes – 20 km. The lakes are located between the Orpheus Rocks and the town of Smolyan. There is an eco-trail that goes around them and allows them to be seen up close. Smolyan Lakes is a suitable place for a picnic in nature.

* “Uhlovitsa” Cave – 30 km. The cave is one of the oldest caves in the region. It has formations resembling sea corals. To reach the cave you will go through a challenging and beautiful road.

* “Yagodinska” Cave – 59 km. The cave is one of the youngest and most beautiful caves in Bulgaria.

* “Devil’s Throat” Cave – 60 km. A precipice cave, which was formed as a result of the collapse of the earth layers.

* Ecopath “Devil’s path” – 60 km. The area presents a unique natural place, a combination of rock formations, waterfalls, water cascades, erosion boilers, rock crowns and more.

* Platform “Eagle’s Eye” – 61 km. For lovers of extreme experiences, we recommend an off-road climb to the Eagle’s Eye. From this destination reveals an incredible view of the mountain.



For lovers of winter sports – the ski slopes of the winter resort Pamporovo are located 7 km from the village.

The weather from guest house “Valkanovi” to the parking lot of the lift of the resort. Pamporovo is 20 minutes, and the traffic is carried out on a newly built direct asphalt road directly through the forest.

After a day of riding on the slopes, you can enjoy the amenities we offer in the house, namely a relaxing sauna and jacuzzi, or just sit in front of the fireplace.

In the village itself there is a horse base to which you can just walk and feed the animals or take advantage of horseback riding.

A unique experience for young and old, which takes place in one of the most picturesque natural areas.

Horseback riding “Rizov” offers one of the greatest experiences that one can have – horseback riding in the mountains. Rizov offers long walks, professional development and entertainment during horseback riding.

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